Oceana, SkyTruth, Google Launches Global Fishing Watch

Oceana, SkyTruth, Google Launches Global Fishing Watch

Courtesy of Jacqueline Savitz, Vice President, United States & Global Fishing Watch, Oceana.

Our oceans have the potential to provide an abundance of food for our growing population. However, each day, that potential is compromised by overfishing and illegal fishing, which has always occurred far beyond the horizon and mostly out of sight…until now.

Starting today, all you need is an internet connection to track fishing vessels and help to protect our oceans.

Today, Oceana, SkyTruth and Google launched Global Fishing Watch, a first-of-its-kind tool that allows anyone in the world to view global fishing activity and track 35,000 fishing vessels in near real-time, for free.

Global Fishing Watch will help governments set and enforce fishery management policies. It will also allow us to shed light on problems and help get them addressed.

With Global Fishing Watch, anyone in the world can act as a watchdog for the oceans against threats like global overfishing, illegal fishing and habitat destruction. It’s easy to use, free to the public and global in scale.

Hundreds of millions of people depend on the ocean for their livelihoods and about 3 billion rely on it as a food source, but our oceans are in trouble and need our help.

That’s why we need Global Fishing Watch now more than ever. This powerful technology, satellite data and easy-to-read heat maps will make commercial fishing activity more transparent.

Together, we can use Global Fishing Watch to restore ocean abundance and tackle illegal fishing worldwide.

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