Oceanic Big Five Pays Back An IOU

Oceanic Big Five Pays Back An IOU

Doug Woodring announced the Oceanic Big Five to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Open water swimmers, surfers, sailors, divers and paddlers have an IOU for the ocean and now it’s time to give back. Get your friends, teams or communities together, and create an ocean clean-up in places that normal beach cleanups might not take you. You, as athletes and users of the ocean, are in the front-lines of ocean protection and can be excellent stewards and ambassadors for the ocean, particularly for those who don’t use it as much as you do. Join us to spread the word, and respect the IOU that you have with the sea.”

World Oceans Day is on June 8th.

Each club, team or group can weigh the total amount of ocean waste that is collected, or report the number of bags brought in. Share the results with us so we can show the world what you did. Individuals can send in their data as well. We also would love to have your best photos, strangest piece of trash, best art made from trash.”

For more information, email info@oceanrecov.org.

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Steven Munatones