OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia 2023 - Redang Island Welcomes 566 Swimmers from 31 Nations

OCEANMAN Redang Malaysia 2023 – Redang Island Welcomes 566 Swimmers from 31 Nations

The beautiful Redang Island in Malaysia recently hosted the debut of the much-anticipated event OCEANMAN Redang 2023. This open water swimming race, held for the first time on Redang Island, drew a staggering 566 participants from 31 different countries.

Spanning two days, the event was structured to cater to a diverse range of swimmers:

  • Day 1 was about endurance and stamina, challenging participants with the more difficult distances of the 5 km and 10 km races.
  • Day 2 was about intensity and fun. A 500 m race for beginners and 2 km Sprint race against time, while the OCEANKids and Relay events added camaraderie and playful competition to the championship.

The international appeal of OCEANMAN Redang 2023 was evident in the diverse nationalities of its participants. Swimmers came from many countries: Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Germany, and Egypt.

In the Men’s 10 km race, Gabriel Francis McCartan led the pack, claiming the top spot with an outstanding time of 02:26:41. Following him was Jerome Deweerdt, who secured the second position with a time of 02:44:34. Not far behind, Sergio Chiarandini completed the top trio, finishing the race in 02:45:05.

In the Women’s 10 km race, Anne Bendix Dahl was the frontrunner, completing the race with a time of 03:17:31. Flora Teh followed with a time of 03:29:35. Rounding off the top three was Lee Tze Ooi, who finished with a time of 03:32:59.

OCEANMAN Malaysia reported on Facebook:

Congratulations to all the OCEANMen, OCEANWomen, and OCEANKids who took part in OCEANMAN Malaysia. All of you embody the spirit of endurance and determination and are an inspiration to us all. With each stroke, you carved a path through the open waters, proving that true strength lies in the depths of passion. Congratulations to all of you!


The last time Malaysia hosted the OCEANMAN championship was in 2018 on Langkawi Island, Kedah. The overwhelming success of this year’s event on Redang Island shows the country’s capability to host world-class events. OCEANMAN has found a new home in Malaysia and more thrilling editions in the years to come.