Oceanswims Organises Ocean Odyssey

Oceanswims Organises Ocean Odyssey

Nearly 100 swimmers took to the magical waters of Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef last year.

At the invitation of online open water swimming pioneer Oceanswims, the Heron Island Ocean Swim was a spectacular splash for the inaugural event in the warm coral cay paradise.

The 1K and 3K swims were preceded by a swim clinic with Graeme Brewer, a 1980 Olympic freestyle medalist and one of the greatest waterman of his generation.

The 1K was a short swim to the HMCS Protector, a wreck that was towed to the entrance channel at Heron Island in 1945 to form a dive and snorkeling site.

In an example of a phenomena that has been increasing in many open water swims around the world, 64% of the participants in the Heron Island Ocean Swim were female.

The Top Ten 3K results:

1. Justin Brewer 39:37
2. Graeme Brewer 40:39
3. Darrin Jones 47:29
4. Michele Hutchen 51:25
5. Peter Sanders 52:05
6. Alexandra Evans 52:18
7. Trevor Bennett 53:05
8. Jon Patterson 53:06
9. Genevieve Brewer 54:10
10. Rosemary Leamon 54:20

The Top Ten 1K results:

1. Rosemary Leamon 22:37
2. Alexandra Evans 22:51
3. Warren Smith 23:29
4. KarenStott 24:47
5. David Smith 26:30
6. Jo Lilley 26:32
7. Kate Mountain 27:34
8. Julie Buchanan 27:45
9. Julie Dart 28:06
10. Claudia Nicholson 28:39

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