Ode To My Yacker

Ode To My Yacker

Phil White, the enthusiastic visionary behind the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA) and last week’s “Be Kind to Your Yacker Week“, created a wonderful poem celebrating kayakers, those friendly, selfless individuals who feed, navigate, safekeep and escort swimmers on every possible open body of water on Earth:

Ode to My Yacker

Yacker, My Yacker, wherever we roam
You water and feed me and guide my way home
Without you I’m nothing, a lost feckless soul
Locked in the lanes of my short little pool

But with paddle flashing and you by my side
The waters are open, the world is so wide
There’s nothing we can’t do, no challenge too great
One stroke at a time, my aquarian mate.

Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones
Steven Munatones