Ode To My Yacker All Month

Ode To My Yacker All Month

Ode To My Yacker All Month

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach.

Ginny Peck of New Hampshire hijacked Yacker Week and turned all of April into Be Kind to Your Yacker Month,” explains Phil White.

Justly hungry for thanks, she calls for a full month of tribute to those yackers who guide us, feed us, and keep us safe.

Without them and the motor boat pilots behind them, the sport of open water swimming would not be possible. So, the week of tribute justifiably grows to a month, and we have a week left to wake up and make up for our wintertime sleepiness

Ode to My Yacker

Yacker, My Yacker, wherever we roam
You water and feed me and guide my way home
Without you I’m nothing, a lost feckless soul
Locked in the lanes of my short little pool.

But with paddle flashing and you by my side
The waters are open, the world is so wide
There’s nothing we can’t do, no challenge too great
One stroke at a time, my aquarian mate.

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Steven Munatones