Official Results Of The Fran Crippen SafeSwim 10K

Official Results Of The Fran Crippen SafeSwim 10K

Andrew Gemmell, a world 10K silver medalist, is on a roll. A very fast roll in his redshirt year from Georgia.

Andrew is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to represent the USA at the 2012 London Olympics.

He took off time from his collegiate career at the University of Georgia to train with world 10K champion Chip Peterson and coach Jon Urbanchek who has developed 28 Olympians winning 5 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals.

I have tried to break [Andrew] down,” commented Coach Urbanchek. “But he is tough. He keeps coming back ready for more.”

And more is what is in store for Andrew and other elite swimmers who will attempt to first qualify for the FINA World Swimming Championships in Shanghai, and then for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in London this summer. Similar to qualifying for the USA pool national team, qualifying for the American open water team is going to require the athletes to peak at just the right time and have the swim of their lives.

Under the tutelage of Coach Urbanchek, Andrew is growing as an elite open water swimmer. Early in the race when others went off-course or swam hard, he relaxed and let the race develop. Later in the race when world-class swimmer Chad La Tourette took off, Andrew had the stamina and guts to go with him. In the later stages of the race, Andrew confidently wrestled the lead from Chad when he shifted from an 88 to 96 stroke-per-minute pace. Within 20 critical seconds of the race, Andrew went from one body behind to two bodies ahead and was able to maintain his punishing pace until the end.

It will be an exciting summer of elite racing.

1. Melissa Gorman (AUS), 2:04:35.0
2. Christine Jennings (USA), 2:04:35.7
3. Eva Fabian (USA), 2:04:39.1
4. Claire Thompson (USA), 2:04:40.8
5. Emily Brunneman (USA), 2:04:41.4
6. Zsofia Balazs (CAN), 2:11:18.0
7. Heidi George (USA), 2:11:20.9
8. Inha Kotsur (AZE), 2:11:38.8
9. Nadine Williams (CAN), 2:11:42.7
10. Nicole Vernon (USA), 2:13:54.0
11. Damris Irondo (USA), 2:17:22.8
12. Amanda Ford (USA), 2:28:14.4

1. Andrew Gemmell (USA), 1:56:16.3
2. Sergiy Fesenko (AZE), 1:56:18.4
3. Chad La Tourette (USA), 1:56:21.9
4. Ky Hurst (AUS), 1:57:26.8
5. Yoelvis Pedraza (USA), 1:57:29.1
6. Richard Weinberger (CAN), 1:57:33.0
7. Arthur Frayler (USA), 1:57:35.4
8. Rhys Mainstone (AUS), 1:57:56.3
9. Alex Meyer (USA), 1:58:56.5
10. Jackson Wilcox (USA), 1:59:59.9
11. Michael McBroom (USA)), 2:00:07.8
12. Simon Tobin (CAN), 2:00:39.0
13. Zachary Parkes (CAN), 2:00:47.5
14. Erik Nielson (USA), 2:01:44.6
15. Vincent Donnelly (USA), 2:02:18.9
16. Aimesom King (CAN), 2:05:46.5
17. Yasunari Hirai (JPN), 2:05:54.3

Photos courtesy of Ann Ford.

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