Officials Leading The Way To The 2024 Paris Olympics Marathon Swim

Officials Leading The Way To The 2024 Paris Olympics Marathon Swim

The FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee (TOWSC) for the 2022-2025 quadrennial has numerous responsibilities including overseeing the FINA Open Water Tour, the FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, FINA Clinics, and the open water swimming races at the FINA World Championships, and serving as referees, judges and officials at these FINA-sanctioned races.

TOWSC volunteers are nominated by their respective national federations and approved by the FINA Executive Bureau to serve four-year terms.

The 2022-2025 Committee saw a major turnover of its members. Samuel Greetham of Great Britain, Abdulla Al Zahmi of the United Arab Emirates, Abdulla Mubarak Al Zahmi of the United Arab Emirates, Jean-Paul Narce of France, Fernando Terrilli of Argentina, Samuel Ufitimana Kinimba of Rwanda, Ayman Saad of Egypt, Morgan Toro of Puerto Rico, Soh Yen Siang of Malaysia, and Noam Zwi of Israel all ended their tenure.

Newcomers who took their place include Olympic champion Ferry Weertman of the Netherlands, Emilie Van Veenhuyzen of South Africa, Ioki Ichikawa of Japan, Petros Arestis of Cyprus, Baret Avedikoglu of Turkey, Szabolcs Fodor of Hungary, Nikolay Zagritsenko of Kazakhstan, Juan Carlos Tenorio of Venezuela, Edward Cheng of Hong Kong, Ziyad Kashmiri of Saudi Arabia, and Bénédicte Compois of France.

But there remains a wealth of experience and leadership in the Committee with Zouheir El Moufti of Morocco, Sid Cassidy of the USA, John West of New Zealand, Olympic finalist Jorge Delgado of Ecuador, Tomás Haces of Cuba, Abdul Al Alawi of Oman, Luis Liberato of Portugal, world champion Britta Kamrau of Germany, Bill Ford of Australia, Tanya Bogomilova of Bulgaria, and Andrea Prayer of Italy carries on the mantle.

A new and valuable position was created for the 2021-2025 quadrennial, Paris 2024 Olympic Games liaison that is filled by Bénédicte Compois.

The full 2022-2025 FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee includes:

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