Oh Dam The Water

Oh Dam The Water

Nejib Belhedi completed a two-way 6 km swim from the Eastern side of the dam to Dream Island in 5°C water on March 6th.

True to his spirit, he finished with a flourish.

This led Jonathan Joyce to Belhedi a Dam Slapper for he zealously and emphatically ended his final arm stroke with a loud slap of the concrete face of the Oued Mallegue and Sidi Salem dam.

I broke a common fear barrier. That’s why during my swimming, I didn’t miss slapping strongly by my small hand against the giant wall of the reinforced concrete dam.

In the Oued Mallegue and Sidi Salem Dam, I wanted to express my determination as a breakthrough against a big ice block. I proved to people who live near dams all over the world that these giant man-made dragons can be tamed whatever its forces are. We can tame these gigantically huge volumes of water to an achievable goal

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