Catalina-Santa Barbara Old & Cold Relay On Track

Catalina-Santa Barbara Old & Cold Relay On Track

Live tracking and data from the Old and Cold Relay, Catalina Island-to-Santa Barbara Island-Catalina Island, courtesy of Evan Morrison

Becky Margulies (Keller Cove Sea Otters/South End Rowing Club), Asha Allen (Walnut Creek Masters/South End Rowing Club), Dan Simonelli (Open Water Swim Academy), Dave Van Mouwerik (Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association), Anthony McCarley (Triple Crowner/Half Century Club), and Scott Zacharda (Frederick, Maryland) are 16 hours 39 minutes into their Catalina Island-to-Santa Barbara Island-toCatalina Island 53.8-mile (86.5 km) relay.

They have completed 42.1 km in total, swimming at an average speed of 2.5 kph as of 8 am local time in water temperature ranging between 21-22°C.

Their Out, Around, and Back marathon swimming relay is currently on track circumnavigating around Santa Barbara Island and, with another estimated 44 km to swim, they should finish on Catalina Island later tonight West Coast time.

Tracking of the relay by Evan Morrison can be seen here.

Read about the outcome here.

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