Olé To Ola For Swim From Indonesia To Papua New Guinea

Olé To Ola For Swim From Indonesia To Papua New Guinea

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On September 21st as part of his ongoing Unir el Mundo project, Matías Ola successfully swam on a crossing between Asia and Oceania, swimming across the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The journey began at 6 am in the morning from Indonesia’s Muara Tami in the presence of the community of Jayapura, the Argentine Ambassador to Indonesia Richard Bocalandro, and local maritime police,” reported Germán Vaché. “Ola took a total of 9,500 swim strokes over 12 km in 28.7°C for 2 hours 22 minutes from the Bismark Sea to Wutung in Papua New Guinea. He brought the message of peace and union that took 3 years of planning to connect these continents.”

Ola writes about his Unir el Mundo project, “This challenge between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea was the fourth of the scheduled five inter-continental swims with the goal of bringing a message of unity and peace to the entire globe. The completion of the swim was made possible by an agreement between the national government of Indonesia and the authorities of the Province of Papua New Guinea to support such an initiative, creating a historical approach in a conflict zone.”

Ola’s fifth and final leg was being negotiated between the Jordanian and Egyptian authorities for a swim that connect Asia with Africa.

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