Olympic Marathon Swim Will Be A Madhouse

Olympic Marathon Swim Will Be A Madhouse

The men’s Olympic triathlon today in Hyde Park was a madhouse with some portions of the course crowded with 30-40 people deep.

The triathlon had everything pointing to a madhouse:
(1) popular British athletes who were serious medal contenders
(2) free viewing locations
(3) good weather
(4) an iconic location

Just like gold medalist Alistair Brownlee and his younger brother and bronze medalist Jonathan Brownlee who made Great Britain proud, the same is expected of heavy gold medal favorite Keri-Anne Payne on August 9th and, to a lesser extent, her male counterpart Daniel Fogg on August 10th.

Not only were spectators stacked deeply along the course to watch the Brownless brothers make history (the first brother duo to be on the Olympic podium in the same event in over 100 years), some fans even positioned themselves up in trees in order to get better vantage points.

Security in the venue was solid, but it was the roar of the crowd that truly enhanced the buzz and ambiance of the Olympic triathlon.

With a crowd estimated to be over 200,000 the crowds are expected to be the greatest ever present at one location in an open water swimming contest.

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Steven Munatones