On A Roll...When Things Don't Go To Plan

On A Roll…When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Courtesy of Rich Roll.

At the age of 15, Katie Hoff competed in her first Olympic Games. She finished 7th in the 200m individual medley and 17th in the 400m individual medley. By the time she retired due to the impact of experiencing blood clots in her lungs, the 31-year-old former American competitive swimmer was a 3-time Olympic medalist, a 2-time world record-holder in the individual medley, and a 5-time world champion.

She represented the United States at the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics where she was awarded a silver medal (in the 400m freestyle) and two bronze medals (in the 400m individual medley and 800m freestyle relay).

She has given a TED Talk two years ago and has now released a new book, Blueprint: An Olympian’s Story of Striving, Adapting, and Embracing The Suck.

She recently appeared in podcast #605 with another former swimmer Rich Roll where she talks frankly about not achieving her goals. She talks about intense pressure, high expectations, bitter disappointment, and self-defined failures.

Steven Munatones