One For All, All For One Across The English Channel

One For All, All For One Across The English Channel

Kevin Murphy announced the certified relays of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Association during the 2011 season.

Prior to 1964, there were only two relay teams that crossed the English Channel: the Rotherham Neptunus Swim Club from England to France in 11:20 minutes in 1950 and the Folkestone Swim Club from France to England in 14:57 minutes in 1954. But starting in 1964, the relay tradition in the English Channel community really started to take off. These relays have joined the club:

2-way Standard 6-person Relay
July 24th – Need for Speed, 11:03 + 12:31mins, 24:04, Pilot: Mike Oram

1-way Standard 6-person Relays
June 20th – Serpentine RNLI Charity Relay, UK/USA, 12:36, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
June 29th – Alcatraz Repeat Offenders, USA/UK, 12:46, Pilot: Neil Streeter
June 30th – Worth School 2011, UK, ages 16-18, 16:20, Pilot: Neil Streeter
July 2nd – Auckland Grammar School, NZ, junior/senior relay, 10:05, Pilot: Mike Oram
July 2nd – Bobcats Swim Squad, UK, 10:59, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 2nd – Wellington College, UK, junior/senior relay, 11:14, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 3rd – Vertically Channelled, UK, 13:57, Pilot: Eddy Spelling (see photo above)
July 4th – Seagals & Buoys, UK, 14:32, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 20th – Warrington Dolphins, UK, 13:43, Pilot: Neil Streeter
July 21st – Animas, UK/POL, 13:26, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 21st – Erith & District Swimming Club, UK, 14:43, Pilot: Paul Foreman
July 21st – Matt Brooker, SOS, 15:21, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 25th – Eton 2011, UK, junior/senior relay, 10:18, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 27th – Barracudas Shark Bait 1, AUS, junior relay, 9:15, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 28th – Barracudas Shark Bait 2, AUS, junior relay, 10:24, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
August 6th – Aspire Sharks, UK, 13:35, Pilot: Chris Osmond
August 6th – Over From Dover, UK, Eng/N.Ireland & AUS, 13:52, Pilot: Neil Streeter
August 12th – Foireann Snamh Garibaldi, USA/IRL, 13:52, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
August 20th – Dover Life Guards, UK, junior/senior relay, 11:39, Pilot: Lance Oram
August 20th – Rothwell Dolphins, UK, 14:48, Pilot: Neil Streeter
September 2nd – Pancrequatics, UK, 14:11, Pilot: Lance Oram
September 15th – Channel Team Wassenaar, NL, 12:04, Pilot: Mike Oram
September 22nd – Army Foundation College, UK/SA, 13:55, Pilot: Mike Oram
September 22nd – Aspire SRLV, UK/SOUTH AFRICAN, 14:13, Pilot: Eddie Spelling
September 25th – Rhodes Women, SA/NZ/AUS/USA, 12:59, Pilot:Mike Oram
September 30th – Ferry Dodgers, 14:57, Pilot: Neil Streeter

Special Category 2-person Relays
July 1st – Mermaids, IRL, 13:53, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 1st – Team Mac, AUS, 14:37, Pilot: Neil Streeter
August 12th – Ocean Swimmers, AUS, 10:49, Pilot: Lance Oram
August 12th – Goat & Hen, UK, 14:29, Pilot: Neil Streeter
August 24th – Cold Comfort, UK, ages 16 & 19, 16:04, Pilot: Neil Streeter

Special Category 3-person Relays
June 27th – The Cake Pigeons, UK, 12:54, Pilot: Neil Streeter
September 15th – The Patriots, USA/UK, all aged 17, 9:39, Pilot: Paul Foreman

Special Category 4-person Relays
July 10th – Team Mace, UK, 12:44, Pilot: Mike Oram
July 11th – Fatboy Swim, UK, 16:03, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
August 15th – Croydon Amphibians, UK, 11:37, Pilot: Paul Foreman
July 21st – Minnesota Mix & Match, USA, 12:10, Pilot: Chris Osmond
August 30th – The Channel Chubs, UK, 14:20, Pilot: Chris Osmond

Special Category 5-person Relays
July 10th – Big Poppy Splash, UK, 14:01, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 20th – Newcastle University, UK, 12:42, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 20th – The Odd Bods, UK, 14:51, Pilot: Mike Oram
August 6th – Harolds Revenge H&B RFC, UK, 15:20, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
September 9th – Sean’s Swim Club, UK, 15:38, Pilot: Mike Oram
September 22nd, Ferry Fodder, UK/AUS, 13:58, Pilot: Paul Foreman

7-Person Relay
August 30th – Team Nicola, UK, 17:17, Pilot: Paul Foreman
October 15th – Eltham Mermaids, 18:35

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