One Great Achievement More By Mercedes Gleitze

One Great Achievement More By Mercedes Gleitze

The incomparable Mercedes Gleitze completed a 30-hour solo swim in Cork in February 25th-26th 1930.

The swim took place in the Eglington Street Baths. The Munster Branch of the Irish ASA provided stewards. Mercedes’ main nourishment consisted of Bradley’s bottled milk and ground coffee.

Isabel Burke of Rocksavage, Cork penned the following, dedicated to Gleitze:

One Great Achievement More

Felicitations! Neptune smiles on thee;
Thou’st won thy test in Cork upon the Lee.
Methinks thy trust in One who e’er hath power
Hath strengthened thee throughout each stressful hour.

Aye, music’s charms were glorious to thine ear;
From Irish hearts sprang forth a wondrous cheer.
One great achievement more, fresh glory, yet…
On, onward still, thy pluck we’ll n e’er forget.

Excelsior’s thy motto … Not in vain-
Bravo! The world’s record thou must gain.
Then, laurel-crowned thy future sure will be.
Adieu! Good luck! from Cork upon the Lee.

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