One Man With Seven Missions Shares His Expertise

One Man With Seven Missions Shares His Expertise

Adam Walker is on a roll. With 5 of the 7 channels down of the Oceans Seven, he is now sharing his experiences and expertise with budding open water swimming.

I am launching my open water swimming coaching business ‘Ocean Walker‘ which includes 1-1 coaching, swim camps throughout the United Kingdom and across Europe. We specialise in technical video analysis and corrective action, also psychology, nutrition, swim sets and more.”

In addition to his in-person camps and clinics, Walker is also engaged as a motivational speaker and works as part of the Skype classroom programme motivating children throughout the world. The motivation goes two ways. Walker will attempt his final two crossings of the Oceans Seven around April 21st across the Cook Strait and around August 18th across the North Channel this year.

For more information on the following camps, visit here:

* Malta Swim Camp (March 25th – 30th) from £675 for 5 day/6 night swim camp in Malta (see below)
* Allerthorpe – Introduction to Open Water Swimming (May 10th) £99
* Sutton on Sea – Channel Relay 1-day Swim Camp (June 1st) £180 for English Channel Relay training
* Bishopton 2-Day Swim Camp (June 7th – 8th) £225
* Windermere 2-Day Swim Camp (June 28th – 29th) £265
* Pool Swimming at Lincoln University for Bespoke 1-1 channel swimming mentoring, training schedules, nutrition, psychology

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