One-minute Open Water: Preventing Chafing

One-minute Open Water: Preventing Chafing

ISSUE: How to Prevent Chafing?

PROBLEM: Chafing is irritation or lacerations due to repeated rubbing around the neck, underarms, shoulders, and along swimsuit lines and other friction points. There are fundamentally three types of chafing:

1. Skin-on-skin chafing: improper stroke mechanics and a cross-over kick or breathing can cause chafing.
2. Fabric-on-skin chafing: a swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, protective suit or wetsuit can cause chafing.
3. Hair-on-skin chafing: facial and body hair can cause chafing.

SOLUTIONS: 1. Apply lanolin, Vaseline, Aquaphor, TriSlide, Body Glide, A&D ointment, diaper rash ointment or other combinations or protective agents to your neck, shoulders, underarms, or other friction points.
2. Use rubber gloves or a teammate to first apply firmly, pressing into skin lubricant into skin. Then apply generously in key friction points.
3. Place waterproof tape on skin along critical friction points (e.g., underneath zipper or along neck) as necessary.
4. Choose a swimsuit that allows flexibility and comfort.
5. Remove with baby oil, pumice soap and Popsicle sticks as necessary.

CONCLUSION: Use lubricant prior to your swim to avoid chafing.

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Steven Munatones