One Of The Great Celebrations Of Marathon Swimming

One Of The Great Celebrations Of Marathon Swimming

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team annually conducts the International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim, one of the world’s great celebrations of open water swimming and endurance.

The 23rd edition of the 26.4K marathon swim is from Rapperswil to Zürich in Switzerland and has standard and wetsuit divisions for soloists and relays.

Introductory videos of the race can be seen here (in English) and here (in Swiss German).

We are impressed how the field of solo swimmers literally comes from all over the world – and how creative the names of the relay teams are.

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team 1, Dutch Channel Swimmers 2010, Restless Sharks, The Adams Family, Sappers, Gone Fishing, Royal Engineers, TV Rheinbach I, Up the Rebels!, The Monkey Puzzlers, Pavarotti’s Wives, The Big Guns, M N M, Cliff’s Hangers, Team Outrageous, Red Top Relay, Rettungsfrösch, Flying Swissmen, AMT Nachwuchs, Brown Submarine, Ticos feat DJK Teutonia Gaustadt II, Sportfreunde Buick, Ticos feat DJK Teutonia Gaustadt I, Yellow Submarine, Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team 2, Die Drei ???, Hasenacker, Zumiteam, aguareinas, Sailfish TT Sprockhövel, Seeteufel, SRD Meilen-Uetikon.

Stefan Ehrenfellner (Austria), Gabor Molnar (Hungary), Tim Denyer (Great Britain), James McGuire (USA), Mark Bayliss (Great Britain), Andrew Keegan (Australia), John Downes (Ireland), Steve Payne (Australia), Guy Moar (Australia), Anton Floh (Austria), Neil Drinkwater (Great Britain), Steffan Sarkin (USA), Armin-Johannes Wunder (Germany), Giorgio Vanerio (Italy), Adam Szendrei (Hungary), Reto Wassmer (Switzerland), Paul Gough (Great Britain), Felix Lenz (Germany), Barry Adams (Great Britain), Norbert Wild (Germany), Pavel Dagorov (Switzerland), Bernhard Zumbrunn (Switzerland), Abhejali Bernardova (Czech Republic), Deidre Ward (Ireland), Julie Ann Galloway (USA), Sorcha Barry (Ireland), Christina Franke (Germany), Christiane Vendel (Germany), Leanne Harling (Great Britain), Karen McEvoy (Ireland), Lucinda Pollington (Great Britain), Victoria Thorpe (Great Britain), Kate Mason (Great Britain), Vasanti Niemz (Germany) and Georgina Hosford (Great Britain).

Photo by Bijoy Imhof + Khagana Kunz.

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