Only For Swimmers With Confidence And Dare

Only For Swimmers With Confidence And Dare

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Doug Woodring is inviting only swimmers with confidence and dare to the 3rd Annual Cold Half & Cold Standard Extreme Marathon Swim on January 24th 2015. “The race is a 15 km solo or two-person team event modeled after Asia’s top extreme ocean swim, the Clean Half…except the water temp is more like a good channel crossing. This is a perfect training ground for your next big swim.”

If a relay, the change-over cycle is every 30 minutes and a motorboat for support is required with the start at Stanley Main Beach and the finish at Middle Island Beach with a passing of The Wall [shown above]. A post-race barbecue, meal and awards will be held at Royal HK Yacht Club.

This event will bring a special new feature for those who are up for it. The challenge is called the Cold Standard. It involves swimming solo in the Cold Half on Saturday the 24th, and then running the full Standard Chartered Marathon on Sunday January 25th.

This is the first event in the world that will allow athletes to join the Sub-3 Squared Club in one single weekend with both events. “Hong Kong’s Cold Half and Cold Standard is where endurance athletes can show they can swim a full 10 km marathon swim without a wetsuit, fins or paddles under 3 hours, and who can also run a full 42 km marathon run under 3 hours.”

Athletes can register via an email to Shu Pu.

The expected water temperature is 20-21ºC (68-69ºF) with an expected air temperature that can range from 12.7-22ºC (55-72ºF).

As is standard with Woodring’s events and environmental policy, there are no single-use plastic bottles allowed on this adventure, so athletes pack their own re-usable containers and help reduce their plastic footprint for the ocean.

 “The 15 km winter marathon swim on Hong Kong Island from Stanley Main Beach to Middle Island Beach offers a challenge to swimmers with different body types and motivations, so there are 2 categories: Naturally Ocean and Wetsuited & Buoyant.”

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