Open Water Can Be Just Pure Unadulterated Fun

Open Water Can Be Just Pure Unadulterated Fun

With all the intense training, feeding debates, logistical hurdles, financial concerns and political issues that go on in the global open water swimming world, we are often reminded on just how beautiful and fun the sport is and should be.

Open water swimmers and triathletes, from east to west and north to south in lakes, rivers, oceans and bays, enjoy the great outdoors in a unique activity that really was not been available to mankind throughout much of history.

But locations like Amerika Samoa and England are telling and forecasting a bright future.

The people of Amerika Samoa have a 3,000-year history of interacting with the ocean around them, but most recently that interaction was minimized.

However, with a new ocean awareness supported by the elders and instigated by Bruckner Chase, the younger generation of Samoans are waking up to their ancestral aquatic roots and enjoying the dynamics of the environment that surrounds their small islands.

While the youth of Amerika Samoa are taking to the water in record numbers, so too are individuals of all ages and abilities throughout Great Britain from the unstructured enjoyment of wild swimming to participation in 1-mile mass swims to training for increasingly popular 10 km competitions and English Channel crossings.

Colin Hill, the H2Open Magazine Open Water Ambassador of the Year, bridges all these niches in the open water swimming eco-system: he does wild swimming, extreme (ice) swimming, competitive races and the English Channel. His photos above show him enjoying a swim in a quarry near Coniston and the Rydal Hall falls.

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Steven Munatones