Open Water Heroes Aren't Like In The Movies

Open Water Heroes Aren’t Like In The Movies

Katie Leigh, a kayaker for Diana Nyad, kayaked to Diana’s side three hours out of every nine on her latest attempt from Cuba to Florida. During the hours Katie was kayaking, Katie recalled that she was “in the presence of greatness.” She also learned from her kayak and the deck of a nearby escort boat that, “…greatness doesn’t look like it does in the movies. The swim appeared to be over numerous times. The sound of screams and dry heaves across the water, the frantic calls over the marine radio for oxygen, doctors and meds, the stopping and slow progress of the escort boats.

These were all indications of a swim going badly…from the first time I accompanied her…she was struggling. Throughout the swim at various times, I witnessed Diana vomiting, shivering and having difficulty breathing.

Her face and lips were swelled, her stomach was upset and she was burned, chaffed and stung all over her body. Having seen Diana previously only in top form, bigger than life, happy, positive and confident, it was difficult to watch her laboring alone through this journey

Listen to Diana herself as she describes what she went through at a free webinar. Register here for the Tuesday, October 4th webinar at 11 am Los Angeles time, 2 pm New York time, 7 pm London time.

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Steven Munatones