Open Water Is Nature's Biggest Swimming Pool

Open Water Is Nature’s Biggest Swimming Pool

The Milk & Co Queensland Ocean Swim Series had close to 2,500 swimmers participate in its races during the 2013 season.

Writer Ellie Gleeson explains her reasons why ocean swimming is Australia’s new “it” sport:

It’s free. Well, some competitive events have an entry fee but this is usually small.

What I mean is – it’s free to train: there are no gym fees, no personal trainer fees, no contract fees.

It’s just you and the wide blue expanse of water spreading out to the horizon. It is nature’s biggest swimming pool

It’s SO. GOOD. FOR. YOU. Cross-Fit eat your heart out. This fitness fad is here to stay. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can gift your body – at any age and at any fitness level.

It provides incredible cardiovascular benefits, strengthening, conditioning, toning, not to mention the amazing (and legal!) endorphin rush afterwards. Ocean swimming is the gift your body deserves.

I could easily add to this list and make it a top 10 – there are that many fabulous things to say about ocean swimming: famous people do it. You can combine an event with a great mini-break in one of Queensland’s top beach locations, it’s a sport for the whole family.

Most importantly, ocean swimming is a sport of participation.

It’s pure, and simple, and so Aussie. At the start line of any event in this Series, you’ll see kids, parents, office workers, professional athletes, couch potatoes who want to be professional athletes, teenagers, retirees…the only thing that matters is not who you are but whether you can throw on a coloured cap and launch yourself into the waves and try

There are no barriers in ocean swimming and that’s what John Guise and his team emphasise at all of their events: just get out there and have fun.

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