Open Water News From Australia - Ky Hurst Is Back

Open Water News From Australia – Ky Hurst Is Back

2008 Olympian Ky Hurst looks to be back on track as he won the Australian Open Water Swimming 10K Championship today with Rhys Mainstone in second. Ky and Rhys earned the right to represent Australia at the 2011 World Championships where they will battle the world for one of the coveted spots at the 2012 London Olympics 10K Marathon Swim.

The top 10 from the men’s 10K race:
1. Ky Hurst, 1:55:04.30
2. Rhys Mainstone, 1:55:04.70
3. Trent Grimsey, 1:55:10
4. David Browne, 1:55:11
5. George O’Brien, 1:55:19
6. Codie Grimsey, 1:55:38
7. Kane Radford, 1:55:58 (New Zealand)
8. Sam Sheppard, 1:56:28
9 J. Van Der Zant, 1:57:34
10. Rhys Ferszt, 1:57:35

Ky barely qualified for the Championships with a 1500-meter pool time trial two weeks ago. But his motivation was Olympian. “Beijing was such an amazing experience and I want a piece of that again. I guess what I had over everybody else today was experience. I guess that’s what 14 years of open water swimming does for you.”

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