Open Water Social Networking On Facebook

Open Water Social Networking On Facebook

Courtesy of World Open Water Swimming Association, Huntington Beach, California.

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of online social networks centered around open water swimming in general, open water swimming events or open water swimmers in various languages around the world.

Here is a small sampling of the Facebook Groups currently growing:

Valentina Tudose, a Harvard and Oxford-educated swimmers, created the Open Water Swimming in Hong Kong Group.

Steven Munatones and Gerry Rodrigues created the Open Water Swimming Facebook Group whose purpose is to share information, give advice, suggest workouts and network for open water swimmers, both competitive and recreational, triathletes and multi-sport athletes.

Adam Winter started Dubai Open Water Swimming Sports Association Facebook Group that provides programs and services to the open water swimming community and sanctions open water swims in Dubai.

Denis Crean started the US Open Water Swimming Association to support the development of safe open water swimming practices and events as well as to protect and preserve the waters of the world.

Olympic 10 km swimmer Csaba Gercsak (shown above) created an Open Water Swimming Group for any open water swimmers.

The Triangle Open Water Swim created an Open Water Swimming Group for people interested in its open water swimming series in Jordan Lake, Falls Lake, and Harris Lake in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area. The race series include the 1-mile 5280 Swim at Beaverdam on April 10th, the 1-mile Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge on June 13th, the 1- and 2-mile Little Uno and the Big Deuce on July 24th and the one-mile Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake on August 29th.

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association created its own Facebook Group for itself to offer an online destination where friendly, people-centered association promotes open water and long distance swimming in Ireland.

The Madfish Inwater created the British Long Distance Swimming Association that organizes and runs events for both fast and slow swimmers all over the United Kingdom.

Montreal Eau Libre (Montreal Open Water) created its Groupfor open water swimmers in the Montreal, Canada area or any interested enthusiasts.

Nicolas Knap created a Former Open Water Swimmers Facebook Group for anyone anywhere in the world.

Many open water swims and swimmers have their own Facebook Groups (e.g., Fat Salmon Open Water Swim in Seattle, Washington or the Capri-Napoli Professional Race) and this global network will only continue to grow larger.

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation created its own Facebook Group with a focus on the Catalina Channel.

The English Channel Swimmers Facebook Group was created for anyone who has done a solo or relay unassisted swim across the English Channel, or is training to do so.

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