Open Water Swim Channel

Open Water Swim Channel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The current issue of the Swim Channel [see above] is an open water swimmer’s delight.

Published by Patrick Winkler and recipient of the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year, the best-selling Brazilian swimming magazine is filled with its usual monthly. plethora of adventurous open water swimming competitions throughout Brazil.

The cover article is about the Xterra Swim Challenge with the title Challenges and Adventures in the Open Water. The Xterra Swim Challenge events are in Paraty (Zigue-Zague), in Ilhabela (Salto do Pier), in Mangaratiba (Natacap Noturna), in Jui de Fora (Obstaculo), and in Fernando de Noronha.

The magazine also includes information on the Rei e Rainha do Mar in Arpoador / Leblon, the Rei e Rainha do Mar in Copacabana Beach, the 1.85 km Arraial Swim Travessia no Mar, the 30 km Rio Negro Challenge Amazonia from Iranduba to Manaus, Circuito Mares in Ubatuba and Sao Sebastiao, the Deaafi Ostras Travessias no Mar, Oceanman in Lago D’Orta (Italy), Cala Montgo (Spain), Palamos (Spain), Altea (Spain) and Benidorm (Spain), and the Aloha Spirit Festival.

Its calendar of events include the Campeonato Brasileiro e Copa Brasil de Aguas Abertas, Circuito Mares Ubatuba, Desafio Rio das Ostras, Travessia Lagoa do Peri, Volta de Barra Velha, Circuito Aloha Spirit, Campeonato Baiano de Aguas Abertas, Circuito Paulista de Maratonas, Desafio Rei e Rainha do Mar, Travessia da Enseada, Volta do Parcel, Travessia de Fernando de Noranha, Fuga da Ilha Fortaleza de Anhatamirin, Circuito Netuno de Travessias Aquaticas, and many more.

World champions Allan do Carmo (shown above) and Poliana Okimoto (shown below) have also graced recent covers of the Swim Channel Magazine.

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