Open Water Swimmer Hits Shopping Shelves

Open Water Swimmer Hits Shopping Shelves

It is rare, exceedingly rare, for an open water swimmer to be featured on the box of a packaged product. Famous football players, yes. Well-known basketball players, yup. Olympic champions, certainly. Cartoon characters, all the time. Beautiful celebrities, for sure.

But open water swimmers? Once about every 30-50 years.

But Tammy van Wisse is showcased on the new Peanut Krisp Access Bar – both on the box and the bar.

Access Bars are only available exclusively from Melaleuca The Wellness Company.

Tammy explains the relationship, “I have swum over 60,000 kilometers in my career and set five world records using only the Access Bars for nutrition and nothing else other than water for hydration, [but] sometimes herbal tea or black coffee if I’m swimming in particularly cold water.”

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Steven Munatones