Open Water Swimmers Are Getting Media-wise

Open Water Swimmers Are Getting Media-wise

Looked at from every perspective, open water swimming is getting bigger and bigger in terms of athletes, events, products, websites, blogs and services.

While its athletes are getting more sponsorship, raising more money, becoming faster at older ages, and increasingly savvy in the media.

While before many athletes went begging for media coverage in the previous century, swimmers like Big Rick Channel Swim Team generate a wide range of media coverage by creating a unique and compelling message that strikes the heart strings and purse books of a wide range of people. Whether it is becoming a beacon of hope for certain diseases from cancer (Swim Across America) or diseases (Jaime Caballero) or raising money for organizations like the British Heart Foundation, swimmers are using the media to achieve goals close to their hearts.

And the even more strategic swimmers are capable of imposing a media embargo until they have had a chance to announce their swim and goals on a major media outlet.

When swimmers can drive the story, the sport has become compelling enough for society and the media to appreciate the hard work, commitment and risk-taking that the open water swimmers are known for.

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Steven Munatones