Open Water Swimmers In The Hall Of Fame

Open Water Swimmers In The Hall Of Fame

There are a number of open water swimming luminaries who are in both the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and the International Swimming Hall of Fame (where pool swimmers, water polo players, divers, synchronized swimmers, open water swimmers and aquatic administrators and contributors are celebrated).

These individuals are truly the luminaries of the open water swimming world. Formally, they were inducted as part of the Open Water International Swimming Hall of Fame Selection Category and are considered for induction on a regular basis.

A total of 21 swimmers and contributors have been selected as Honorees into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, listed alphabetically below:

Abdul Latif Abou-Heif (Egypt, 1998)
Greta Andersen (Denmark, 1969)
Paul Asmuth (USA, 2010)
Florence Chadwick (USA, 1970)
Cavill Family (Australia, 1970)
Lynne Cox (USA, 2000)
William “Buck” Dawson (USA, 1986)
Penny Lee Dean (USA, 1996)
Gertrude Ederle (USA, 1965)
Gerald Forsburg (Great Britain, 1998)
Horacio Iglesias (Argentina, 2003)
Annette Kellerman (Australia, 1974, shown above)
John Kinsella (USA, 1986)
Kevin Murphy (Great Britain, 2009)
Cindy Nicholas (Canada, 2005)
Alison Streeter (Great Britain, 2006)
Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia, 2008)
Captain Matthew Webb (Great Britain, 1965)
Herman Willemse (Netherlands, 2008)
Michael Read (Great Britain, 2011)
Chad Hundeby (USA, 2012)

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