Open Water Swimmers Smile For The Camera And Get Paid

Open Water Swimmers Smile For The Camera And Get Paid

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

If interested in a paid photo shot for cold water swimmers who are Caucasian men ages 40-70s, this is your chance.

The Blackwell Files, a real people casting agency in San Francisco, California, is looking for male cold water swimmers to participate in a photo shoot for a pharmaceutical company. Participants will be photographed swimming in cold water and portrayed as someone who may have surgical tissue issues (cardio-heart surgery patients).

Interested candidates should send an email with the following information by August 7th:

1. Name and age
2. Email and telephone number
3. Are you comfortable swimming in open ocean?
4. If selected, are you comfortable being photographed in a Speedo-type swim suit?
5. How long have you been cold water swimming? (i.e. I have been cold-water swimming for 15 years).
6. How often do you swim and for what length of time? (i.e. I swim for 2 hours, 3 times a week).
7. Where do you swim? (i.e. Aquatic Park, Bay, Ocean, other)
8. What do you wear to swim? (Speedo, swim trunks, wetsuit). What is your stamina like without a wetsuit?
9. Confirm your availability to come into our studio for a potential brief interview on August 12th at 3178 17th Street #3, San Francisco, California; telephone: +1.415.431.0480
10. Confirm your availability for these potential shoot dates: August 27th or August 28th. If selected, you will only be needed for up to a full day on one of the above dates.
11. Submit 2 images: a headshot (no sunglasses/hats) and a full-length photo (preferably in swim attire). Cellphone photos okay, it is most important that they are recent.

Candidates should send answers and photos to

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