Open Water Swimming 365 Days Of 2020

Open Water Swimming 365 Days Of 2020

Open Water Swimming 365 Days Of 2020

Courtesy of Zina Deretsky, Aquatic Park, San Francisco Bay, California.

Zina Deretsky, CMI has been swimming in Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay over the last decade.

On dryland, Deretsky is a talented board certified medical illustrator and a science & technology illustrator with a passion for the open water that runs deep. She explains, “I am a lover of open water swimming in San Francisco with the South End Rowing Club. I have been swimming here for ten years…and all ten years, I’ve had the dream of producing a calendar that I informally called 12 Beautiful Swims of San Francisco.”

Her 12 landscapes feature 12 iconic locations in and around the San Francisco Bay area here:

Cover – Alcatraz
January – Bay Bridge
February – Aquatic Park
March – Muni Pier & Mount Tam
April – Muni Pier
May – Alcatraz Island
June – Fort Mason
July – St. Francis Yacht Club
August – Golden Gate Bridge
September – China Beach
October – Mile Rock Lighthouse
November – Cliff House
December – Ocean Beach

To purchase and for more information on Deretsky’s wall calendar with 12 landscapes of San Francisco, visit here.

Copyright @ 2008 – 2019 by Zina Deretsky
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