Open Water Swimming Adventures In Alaska

Open Water Swimming Adventures In Alaska

Claudia Rose reported from the rough and rugged southeast Alaska where she competed in the Sitka Sound Adventure Swim and the 8.2-mile Pennock Island Challenge.

Both races are great adventures,” recalled Claudia who was one of the seven finishers of the first Sitka Sound Adventure Swim.

This race started out at Magic Island in 53-55°F (12-13°C) waters. The original long-course was set at 6.2 miles and the short-course at 3.1 miles was shortened for safety reasons.

Ben Adams (non-wetsuit) finished in 44 minutes over the short course while the results of the long-course were as follows:

Kris Calvin (wetsuit) 1:52:31
Christian Tujo (wetsuit) 2:03:09
Willie Schulz (non-wetsuit) 2:18:18
Becky Jackman (wetsuit) 2:20:54
Grant Turner (wetsuit) 2:26:17
Claudia Rose (non-wetsuit) 3:14:51

Conversation after the swim turned to 2011 and excitement toward the second Sitka Sound Adventure Swim,” said Claudia from warm-weather San Diego, California who was the first person to trailblaze this swim in 2009. “The open water world is excited to have a new cold water option and the participants are planning on returning next summer.”

Wonderful photography provided by Jennifer Skoog.

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