Open Water Swimming At The Sold-out London Olympics

Open Water Swimming At The Sold-out London Olympics

The remaining batch of 928,000 tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games will be sold this Friday starting at 11 am GMT. After the sale, it is highly unlikely any tickets will be left although the last 150,000 or so tickets will become available as the last of the seat configurations are decided before the Olympics begins.

Fortunately, there is plenty of room for tens of thousands of people at the marathon swimming events on August 9th (women) and August 10th (men).

And these standing-room-only “seats” are free as spectators will be allowed to freely enter Hyde Park to watch the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim and portions of the triathlon. The shorelines of the Serpentine will undoubtedly be packed with fans 3, 4 and 5-people deep. The ambiance will be electrifying.

An animation of the configuration of the Olympic marathon swimming 10 km course is shown below:

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