Open Water Swimming At The Tip Of The Iceberg

Open Water Swimming At The Tip Of The Iceberg

The United States Master Swimming annually presents its Coach of the Year Award at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention. We noticed many of the recipients of the Award are closely related to open water swimming, one indication of the tremendous growth and importance of open water swimming to competitive and fitness adult swimmers.

The previous Coach of the Year award winners include Dr. Jim Miller (1986), Kerry O’Brien (1987), Keith Bell (1988), Bill Tingley (1989), Michael Collins (1990), Judy Bonning (1991), Clay Evans and Gerry Rodrigues (1992), Emmett Hines (1993), Todd Samland (1994), Scott Rabalais (1995), Mo Chambers (1996), Bonnie Adair (1997), Ed Nessel (1998), Ron Johnson (1999), Frank ‘Skip’ Thompson (2000), Mel Goldstein (2001), Jim Montgomery (2002), Bob Bruce (2003), Scott Williams (2004), Mark Moore (2005), Sue Welker (2006), Kris Houchens (2007), Susan Ingraham (2008) and Nancy Kirkpatrick-Reno (2009).

These coaches’ open water roots run deep:

Dr. Miller has been the national team doctor for several national squads and is currently serving on the FINA Sports Medicine Committee. Keith Bell founded the American Swimming Association that annually sponsors and organizes numerous innovative open water swims in the Austin, Texas area. Michael Collins is a renowned multi-sport athlete and coach who was the co-star of the best selling open water swimming DVD in history. Gerry Rodrigues coaches numerous marathon swimming stars and professional triathletes, was a two-time world masters open water swimming champion. Bonnie Adair coaches hundreds of athletes from SCAQ who do open water swims throughout California. Mel Goldstein is one of the most stalwart promoters of open water swimming from his base in Indiana. Jim Montgomery not only is an accomplished open water swimmer himself, but he has organized numerous swimmers and relay teams to travel the world to do solo swims and competitive events. Nancy Kirkpatrick-Reno coaches dozens of open water swimmers and triathletes in the Southern California area. Kerry O’Brien is a Walnut Creek coach who has guided many Maui Channel Swim teams and numerous other open water athletes. Bob Bruce was chair of the USMS Open Water Committee prior and is a meet director in Oregon for multiple open water events. Scott Williams is the head coach of the Olympic Club in San Francisco with many great open water athletes. Mark Moore is the Head Masters coach at Mission Viejo who works with many open water and triathletes.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in the US Masters Swimming community.

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Steven Munatones