Open Water Swimming Below The Surface

Courtesy of Karsten Moeller, Red Sea.

We love when a pod of open water swimmers suddenly decides to start body surfing along the coast in breaking waves or dives below the surface to investigate a coral reef or take a closer look at dolphins or sea turtles.

Even for highly competitive open water athletes, it is always not necessary to work hard, push the pace, focus on the number of arm strokes per minute, or exert themselves to their physical and mental potential in the open water. Enjoyment of the ocean and lakes is at the core of what open water swimmers fundamentally are.

Sometimes, it is just plain old fun to play in the waves, take turns on the SUP, jump on a paddleboard, surf, or dive below the surface of the water, especially under a bright full moon or in tropical waters.

The joy and sense of exploration by freediver Karsten Moeller in the Red Sea in and around the Chrisoula K shipwreck is evident in the video above.

The Greek registered freighter sank in 1981 after hitting the Sha’ab Abu Nuhâs Reef that allows plenty of easy swim-throughs and access to areas worthy of exploration without the danger of becoming lost inside at a maximum depth of 26 meters.

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