Open Water Swimming Clinics From A World Champion

Open Water Swimming Clinics From A World Champion

Seven-time world professional marathon swimming champion Shelley Taylor-Smith who has done everything from short ocean sprints to the English Channel is conducting a series of open water swimming clinics in Canada and the USA in July and August. Her tour kicks off in New York City on July 10th.

Training is a passion of mine and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my love of open water swimmingthroughout Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Japan, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Brazil and Argentina for the last ten years.”

“My experience in providing clinics to referees and officials has helped national federations and organizing committees in the preparation and planning of several World Swimming Championships, FINA World Cups and the 2008 Beijing Olympic 10KM Marathon Swim

Greg Towle, Head Open Water Swim Coach for Swimming Australia, said, “I have no hesitation in engaging Shelley’s excellent services to motivate the squad of elite marathon swimmers preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games. Her well-refined presentation skills, ability to engage participants and excellent communication skills enable her to ensure all goals and outcomes are achieved through extremely thorough and dynamic presentations.”

Shelley provides both a dry theory and wet practical components at her clinics, including:

• Open Water Swimming: what works and what doesn’t
• Race Preparation
• What additional training will benefit you
• Goal Setting
• The Mindset – blocking out self-doubt, fears and unwarranted thoughts
• Focus – getting what you want out of the race

• Starts: surf dashes and water starts
• Drafting: how to effectively draft, swim in waves and find the path of least resistance
• Sighting: how to sight, how to use landmarks, when to sight, when not to
• Buoy turns: roll technique, flags and buoys, how to turn in a group
• Finishes: body surfing, positioning and strategies

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