Open Water Swimming Gladiators Are Headed To Battle

Open Water Swimming Gladiators Are Headed To Battle

Thomas Noblett confirmed the distance to be attempted by his 12-way Lake Windermere [England] relay team: 201.6K.

As the sun sets on May 27th, Dee ‘Madfish’ Llewellyn, Thomas ‘The Gladiator’ Noblett, Liane ‘Hardcore’ Llewellyn, Keith ‘Chocky’ Bartolo, Michelle ‘Swordfish’ Sharples and Michelle ‘Seashell’ Lefton will set off from Waterhead to attempt to set the world record for the longest non-stop lake relay.

Despite the 12.5°C (54°F) water and an estimated low night air temperature of 8°C (46°F), the six teammates will swim under channel swimming and British Long Distance Swimming Association rules (i.e., no wetsuits and one-hour legs). The estimated finish will be in the afternoon or evening on May 30th – or 3 straight days after starting. Each swimmer will cover on average two lengths of Lake Windermere – the equivalent of 21 miles. No team has ever completed more than 6-ways on Windermere never mind 12 Ways.

The team was selected based on their strong characters, good team-playing qualities and ability to withstand the cold,” said Thomas.

Photos above show Dee Llewellyn, Thomas Noblett and Liane Llewellyn.

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