Open Water Swimming In The Most Desolate Place On Earth

Open Water Swimming In The Most Desolate Place On Earth

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

U.S. Masters Swimming featured the plans and exploits of Vito Bialla and his merry band of Farallon Islands Swimming Federation swimmers here

Laura Jones writes about the first swim of the Farallon Islands Swimming Federation season, coming up on March 15th with Phil Cutti, Mike Chase, Joe Locke, Michelle Deasy, Dave Holscher and Vito Bialla.

Jones writes here, Bialla wants to bring back the days of old.

We want to bring history back. There were two successful solo swims in 1967, and two relays did it in 1969.”

Back in the mid- to late 1960’s when there were several attempts, one swimmer called the islands located west of the Golden Gate Bridge the most desolate place on earth. Most recently, Susan Casey wrote about these islands in The Devil’s Teeth, “an untamed place where humans are neither wanted nor needed.”

Read about Jones‘ story about Vito and the Night Train Swimmers’ March 15th attempt here.

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