Open Water Swimming In The Ohio River

Open Water Swimming In The Ohio River

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming Correspondent Kate Alexander reported on the second annual Ohio River Open Water Swim in Prospect, Kentucky.

The loop course included ½-, 1.2- and 2.4-mile distances with separate waves to stage separate USA Triathlon, USA Swimming and U.S. Masters Swimming races for nine total events on one course.”

Race Director Randy Scherer conceived the race as a fund raiser for the North Oldham High School swim team. It was originally planned as a preview race for the Louisville Ironman to give triathletes experience in the Ohio River. But, Randy points out, “Open water is starting to catch on in the area. When USA Swimming wanted to push open water for the age group levels, the multi-format race was born.”

The setting in Cardinal Harbour was ideal for the event – scenic, spacious, and safe. The homeowner’s association agreed to accommodate the race. “Homeowners-turned-spectators watched the race from their backyards, while other spectators lined the dock and shore. The arrangements were simple but effective, a model for open water organizing.”

Promotions included emails to high school swim programs and master’s and triathlon groups throughout Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. 230 swimmers responded, more than double the number from last year’s inaugural event.

Winners of the women’s ½-mile, 1.2-mile and 2.4-mile races included:

USA Swimming: Rachel Scherer (17:57), Katy Pokomy (30:30), Ellie Grimes (1:00:53)
US Masters: ½-mile, no entries, Gale Moore (40:34), Koren Forster (1:08:49)
USA Triathlon: ½-mile, no entries, Janet Heil (36:26), Ashley Whitney (56:48)

Winners of the men’s ½-mile, 1.2-mile and 2.4-mile races included:

USA Swimming: Mark Scherer (17:50), Andrew Taylor (26:06), Ben Grimes (53:30)
US Masters: ½-mile, no entries, Matthew Painter (35:26), Benjamin Price (1:00:54)
USA Triathlon: Clayton Helsley (17:22), Ryan Morris (35:52), Heath Tameris (56.26)

Lower photo shows Ellie Grimes (1st woman), Ben Grimes (1st man) and Justin Gilliland (2nd man) in the USA Swimming 2.4-mile event. More photos here.

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