Open Water Swimming - Keys To Success

Open Water Swimming – Keys To Success

What is the mindset of a champion? What is the look of a victor? What is the mentality of a winner?

Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia and Gerry Rodrigues definitely have it. In addition to great aerobic capacity, high navigational IQ and top-notch racing savvy, these athletes have the intensity and focus of a champion.

Look at their eyes.

Dyatchin is shown above finishing at the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships in Seville, Spain where he qualified first for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim. He closed out the race like his life depended on it.

Rodrigues is shown below exiting the water on the shores of La Jolla Cove to win the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, America’s Premier Rough Water Swim that has been held since 1916 in California.

Trent Grimsey, winner of the RCP Tiburon Mile (shown on left) also has this eye of the tiger.

As does Britta Kamrau, the women’s winner of the 2008 RCP Tiburon Mile and a 2009 Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame shown on right.

Talent, toughness and tactics…they all have it.

Photo of Vladimir Dyatchin by Javier Blazquez. Photo of Trent Grimsey by Ian Thurston. Photo of Britta Kamrau by Elliott Karlan.

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Steven Munatones