Open Water Swimming Position Available

Open Water Swimming Position Available

An open water swimming position is available with Southern Pacific Masters Swimming:

Position title: Local Masters Swimming Committee Open Water & Long Distance Chair/Coordinator

Term length: Ongoing

Estimated hours/days required per month: 5 – 10 hours per month (subject to geographic/seasonal conditions)

Reports to: LMSC Chair

Role overview and purpose: This position is charged with ensuring that sanctioned open water events operate under USMS and LMSC guidelines in a safe manner. The position may also be charged with promoting U.S. Masters Swimming Postal events within the LMSC.

Key responsibilities:
• Encourage the development of open water swims
• Work with local open water event hosts to promote USMS’ common event guidelines, such as entries, results submissions, safety, overall event management
• Oversee the LMSC open water sanction process (some LMSCs use the Open Water chair to sanction open water events)
• Create or coordinate open water clinics
• Work with event hosts to submit open water events to the USMS calendar
• Create structure around open water training venues
• Act as the liaison with the USMS Long Distance Committee and the event host when national championship events are being held in the LMSC
• Help build and recruit open water events for national championship consideration
• Enhance and maintain local policies based on USMS policies and guidelines for open water
• Assure that event results are submitted to the Open Water events database (future)
• Encourage swimmers in the LMSC to participate in the various postal swims
• Work with LMSC Safety Chair, as needed

Key deliverables:
• Develop an annual calendar of LMSC Open Water events for member reference
• When possible, conduct post-event reviews to communicate and apply lessons learned
• Write or solicit articles on local open water accomplishments – submit to USMS and LMSC website, blogs, Facebook page, newsletter

Recommended skills, experience and attributes:
• Knowledge of Open Water and Long Distance policies including those for safety and organization
• Ability to be organized and oversee a number of events at the same time
• Review LMSC Open Water policies and propose changes when necessary
• Experience in participating in OW events, hosting OW events, working with OW event organizers, attending OW safety conferences, working with or as a life safety personnel
• Recruiting well-trained volunteers to help conduct successful open water events

Recommended training:
• Review USMS Open Water Manual and other documents
• Participation in OW safety conferences and clinics. Working as a OW event director or safety officer

Photo shows the start of the Newport Pier-2-Pier swim in Newport Beach, California.

Contact: Contact the SPMS Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for additional information here.

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