Open Water Swimming Safety Conference Videos Posted

Open Water Swimming Safety Conference Videos Posted

U.S. Masters Swimming published 18 video presentations of the sessions, interviews and case study presentations from its Protecting Athletes Open Water Safety Conference in San Francisco last month.

The Conference brought together open water and triathlon event directors, administrators, medical personnel, military experts, researchers and athletes who discussed the best practices in the sport and case studies in risk management and open water event safety.

In coordination with U.S. Masters Swimming’s Executive Director Rob Butcher, Steven Munatones hosted a number of influential leaders and luminaries including 7-time world champion Shelley Taylor-Smith, U.S. Lifesavig Association President Chris Brewster, City & County of Honolulu’s Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Administrator Ralph Goto, San Diego Lifeguard Services Lt. Greg Buchanan and Big Shoulders Race Director Chris Sheean.

Additionally, la Traversee internationale du lac St-Jean General Manager Eric Juneau, Total Aquatic Management leader Jim Wheeler, U.S. Masters Swimming’s Open Water Swimming Committee Chairperson Lynn Hazlewood, 2008 USA Swimming Olympic open water swimming coach John Dussliere, Sonoma County Aquatics Specialist David Robinson, renowned Dover Solo author Marcia Cleveland, RCP Tiburon Mile founder Bob Placak, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honorary Secretary Dale Petranech, RCP Tiburon Mile Safety Director Mike Carr, Waikiki Roughwater Swim Committee president Kaia Hedlund, Maui Channel Swim Safety Director Malcolm Cooper, Santa Cruz Cruie Race Director Joel Wilson, U.S. Masters Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championship race directors Karen Reeder and Dick Sidner, 7-time world professional marathon swimming champion Paul Asmuth, USA Triathlon Race Certification Manager Liz Tucker, renowned open water swimming physician Dr. Jim Miller, International Swimming Hall of Fame CEO Bruce Wigo and Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation’s Maddy Crippen were part in discussions panels.

We encourage use of this information to make your events as safe as possible, and please share with others,” said U.S. Masters Swimming in a public statement.

Photos above show Eric Juneau, Chris Sheean, Paul Asmuth and Steven Munatones

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