Open Water Swimming Textbook To Conference Participants

Open Water Swimming Textbook To Conference Participants

The new comprehensive textbook on open water swimming by Steven Munatones will be given to all the paid participants in the 2011 Global Open Water Swimming Conference.

The Conference will be held in New York City on June 17th – 19th, culminating in a brunch and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame awards ceremony in the United Nations Delegate Room. But with so many fascinating speakers and luminaries of the sport in New York City during this weekend – when the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim will also be held – there will be little time for reading.

John Flanagan, a world-class swimmer and the fastest swimming professional triathlete, wrote the foreword to the 253-page book. Here is a portion:

No one understands the unique allure of open water swimming better than Steven Munatones. Through my travels as an open water competitor, I have crossed paths with Steven many times—from swimming the Waikiki Roughwater Swim as a child, to competing at the World Championships. Steven has shown more passion for the sport than anyone I have ever met. His unparalleled experiences and breadth of open water knowledge as a swimmer, coach, race organizer, Olympic commentator, and writer undoubtedly make him the go-to source for all things open water. He is open water swimming’s best ambassador.

This book covers all aspects of open water swimming from finishing the swim leg of a triathlon to solo channel swims. It includes training and racing tips that will help both beginner swimmers and world-class open water swimmers. The wealth of knowledge put into this book makes it the best source for anyone braving the open water. I only wish I had access to it when I was starting my career.

The information comes from a person who lives and breathes the sport. Steven has always selflessly shared his passion and knowledge with others, but he is also always wanting to learn more. Without a doubt, this book is just one more step in Steven’s desire to promote the sport and help others understand why open water is so compelling.

As he often says, “Expect the unexpected,” and enjoy swimming without lines

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