Open Water Swimming Until You Are Blue In The Face

Open Water Swimming Until You Are Blue In The Face

Channel swimmers are among the most exclusive club in the world. But even within this club, there is even more super exclusivity among the most accomplished aquatic adventurers in the world.

The most exclusive niche within the club is the 3-way crossing group of the English Channel with Jon Erikson (38 hours 27 minutes in 1981), Alison Streeter (34 hours 40 minutes in 1988), and Philip Rush (28 hours 21 minutes in 1987 whose interview is below).

In recent years, Australians have attempted to join the club from Chloe McCardle to John Van Wisse who both made a 2-way crossing but were stopped by conditions on the third leg.

Stuart Johnson of Sydney, Australia is making his 3-way attempt today (here). The man from Down Under with a fast turnover successfully completed a two-way crossing of the English Channel in 2011 in 25 hours 50 minutes has the team, training and make-up to join the exclusive club.

Follow him here.

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