Open Water Swimming Worth Its Weight

Open Water Swimming Worth Its Weight

English Channel, Catalina Channel, Molokai Channel, Manhattan Island and Ederle marathon swimmer Michael Miller of Honolulu has a habit of training with board shorts during his long training sessions for extra drag.

But he also drags around a lot more than heavy board shorts during this training swims.

Somehow, during the years I have trained in Kailua Beach [on Oahu], I got in the practice of picking up fishing weights. Everything from a 1 ounce weight to anything ‘metal’ anglers use, including wrenches, tire balance weights, plumbing fixtures, boat anchors and yacht-sized bowlines. They have all made it to my house, after dragging them around in the water.”

His habit seems irresistible and irreversible. “The shape of a weight is unmistakable. Therefore, I cannot swim over one, I MUST stop, dive down, pick up, and pocket it.”

And like every successful marathon swimmer, Miller has trained long hours. In his case, that has led to a lot of lead. “I have accumulated nearly 500-600 pounds (227-272 kg) of fishing weights. With spot lead price appreciating, I am preparing to find a seller.”

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Steven Munatones