Open Water Swims To Ponder

Open Water Swims To Ponder

Isla Guadalupe sits 241 kilometers off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California.

Filled with pinnipeds, it is one of the worlds best spots for sighting of Great White Sharks.

A rugged volcanic island and designated biosphere reserve with a population of 150 people and a world-renowned location for shark diving, there is “nowhere else where there are so many white sharks in such crystal-clear waters between August and November” says photographer Ernst Koschier.

Its warm waters can be offset with strong winds and swells that hit the islands during winter, but at 35 km long and up to 9.5 km in width, it does present a potentially interesting, extraordinarily remote location to do some open water swimming.

Patric Douglas, Luke Tipple and Richard Theiss of Shark Diver™ conducted a successful 4-year pilot great white shark-tagging effort involving U.C Davis and Mexico’s CICIMAR at Isla Guadalupe. Shark Diver created, branded and launched the non-profit web site raising awareness of sharks worldwide and the need for shark conservation in Mexico.

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