Orca - Ocean Positive Sustainable Endurance Challenge

Orca – Ocean Positive Sustainable Endurance Challenge

Ocean Positive has joined with Orca and Oofos to challenge open water swimmers to make a positive impact on their favorite places, community, family, training friends, and fellow competitors.

Bruckner Chase says, “We start by supplying an Orca Beach Clean-up and Gear bag made of recycled materials. We are challenging swimmers to pick up trash along their training and racing venues from your first session on Friday, August 27th to their last session of the campaign on Sunday, August 29th.

Swimmers can pick up nutrition packs, discarded single use plastics, torn swim caps, or aid station cups. In exchange, they can receive an Orca Pick Me Up Bag, GU Silicone Race Cup, Ocean Positive sticker, and chances to win Oofos Recovery Slides, an Orca Open Water Backpack, and a Restube Active Swim Buoy.

Orca produced thousands of these bags for beach clean-ups last year…but then COVID hit. Orca is in favor of behaviors that change behavior and lead to a more sustainable impact. What we do IN the oceans makes us athletes.  What we do FOR our oceans and FOR our communities makes us watermen and waterwomen.”

Register for US$10 here (limited to first 45 participants).

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