Ordinarily Extraordinary At Wild Water Armagh

Ordinarily Extraordinary At Wild Water Armagh

Courtesy of Pádraig Mallon, International Ice Swimming Association Ireland.

It is almost becoming ordinary to achieve the extraordinary in Northern Ireland.

Or it just may be that extraordinarily hardened individuals are numerous in Ireland. Whatever the case, what ice swimmers are doing throughout the country is extraordinary.

Last week, Jack Boyle of Camlough and Carmel Collins of Cork definitely achieved something way out of the ordinary. The duo both swam 2 miles at sub-5ºC.

Their journey took place at Wild Water Armagh,” described Pádraig Mallon of the International Ice Swimming Association Ireland.

Carmel, a well-known open water and long distance swimmer, was grateful for the opportunity. “Thanks [to] everyone. It was a challenge for me; a great day indeed. I love that pool [at Conroy Pond]. I went to tumble [turn] a few times, but I remembered the rules.”

Jack, who is a new kid on the block having only being introduced to ice swimming on Christmas Eve, first did his qualification swim,” said Mallon. “Then he did his 1 km ice swim and now he has done a double ice mile.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the Conroy clan for everything they’ve done for the ice swimmers over the last couple of weeks. The facilities have been first class and the craic has been mighty throughout.

It was a great day and the kilometre ice swim was an amazing day as well. The events were organised to perfection and everybody from the time keepers to the recovery crew were amazing

John Ryan 1 mile 26:34.16
Paddy Bond 1 mile 28:46.79
Donagh MacDonagh 1350m 30:42.73
Pearse Ryan 1 mile 30:52.57
Sarah Meehan 1 mile 31:14.95
Tiffany Quinn 1 mile 33:44.27
Gus Cooney 1 mile 34:23.11
Noel Grimes 1 mile 37:42.09
Ann Morrow 1 mile 40:18.02
Claire Ryan 1 mile 46:35.06

Double Ice Mile Results:
Jack Boyle 2 miles 54:59.38
Carmel Collins 2 miles 57:43.44

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