Ouma Expands To The Next Generation In Tunisia

Ouma Expands To The Next Generation In Tunisia

After the widely-shown conclusion to his 1400K Swim Across Tunisia, Nejib Belhedi has elevated his game.

He is taking his passion for solo swimming to a calling of ouma to the next generation in coastal cities across his native land.

In a nationwide campaign of ouma, the Arabic word meaning swimming in the sea, Belhedi will be promoting the social and individual health benefits of swimming to the youth of Tunisia.

I will use the platform of the Swim Across Tunisia to serve as an expanded version of 1400K in 2013. We are calling it the 1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia where different swims will be held along different shores of Tunisia. I will attempt to cultivate the swimming passion to take root in the next generation for peace. I will swim with kids, all kids without exception: fast and slow, non-swimmers, handicapped swimmers, female and male, consistent with the ouma concept. All the kids will gather in this wonderful dynamic swimming model which is ouma. They will learn to work as a team while also striving to reach their full potential. We will organize conferences for kids and create open water swimming clubs for them.”

The schedule and locations for the 1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia are as follows:

May-October 2013: Tabarka – Bizerte – Metline – Chatt Mimi – Ras Djbel – Rawad – Takelsa -Hawaria – Kerkouane – Hammam Al Guezez – Korba – Kelibia – Menzel Temime – Nabeul – Hammamet – Hergla – Sousse – Monastir – Mahdia – Salakta – Chebba – Ellouza – Chaffar – Kerkennah – Mahres – Gabes – Djerba- Zarzis

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