Ous Mellouli And Michael Phelps Training In The Same Lane

There was a lotta gold at the North Shore Aquatic Complex pool this week.

2-time Olympic champion Ous Mellouli was down training with his new teammates in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mellouli has been training under the tutelage of Bob Bowman and going up and down the 50m pool with 22-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps.

Hometown open water swimming guru Ron Collins ran into the Olympic medalists in North Shore Aquatic Complex. “Yes, I believe [Phelp] is working towards 2016. But it should really be a surprise to nobody.

Why would Bob Bowman allow him to workout with the group, unless he gunning for Rio? He trained in the water twice today. I observed the 8 am workout, and he shared his lane with Ous Meloulli. He’s still fast and he acts like he’s going to ramp it up at some point in the future. After all, he’s still got almost 2 and a half years until the 2016 Trials

As Collins points out, their swim caps have Rio written all over (see here).

FOX 13 News

Ron Collins gives his first-hand account of the famous workouts here.

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