Ous Mellouli Headlines Faros Maraton

Ous Mellouli Headlines Faros Maraton

He certainly keeps his competition constantly guessing. Where will he swim? What will he swim? Is he training?

Ous Mellouli has the singlehanded ability to completely change the perspective of any race he enters and the strategies employed by his competition.

Does his competition take it out fast and hope to take the sprint out of the fastest swimmer in the open water world? Do they slow down the race and challenge him to a sprint at the end? Do they hope he messes up his feeds or misses a turn buoy? Whatever strategy or tactic that they use, the race-savvy Tunisian Olympian has an answer…and usually a checkmate in response.

If Mellouli is in shape and pushed, it is highly likely that he will be the first person in the history of the event to break the famed 3-hour mark and re-establish the current record of 3 hours 1 minute held by Alexander Studzinski of Germany.

And the 16 km Faros Maraton (Croatian International Long Distance Swimming Championships) will be one of those races where the 3-time Olympic medalist will be the wild card in the race from Stari Grad to Hvar Island in Croatia this coming Saturday.

This week’s competitive field includes the following athletes:

1. Matthias Schweinzer (Austria)
2. Dimitar Videnov (Bulgaria)
3. Vit Ingeduld (Czech Republic)
4. Alexander Studzinski (Germany)
5. Matteo Furlan (Italy)
6. Nicolae Let (Romania)
7. Vladimir Dyatchin (Russia)
8. Mark Deans (Scotland)
9. Aladin Sejfic (Serbia)
10. Jose Luis Larrosa (Spain)
11. Martin Hohl (Switzerland)
12. Oussama Mellouli (Tunisia)
13. Roko Copac (Croatia)
14. Ivan Šitić (Croatia)
15. Duje Milan (Croatia)
16. Dino Spadina (Croatia)
17. Drazen Adzic (Croatia)
18. Josip Aralica (Croatia)
19. Danijel Citar (Croatia)

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